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10 October 2005 @ 06:16 pm
I will update a real entry later, Im just doing this so that the obnoxious one one leaves me alone for abit. I do miss you all and I promise to have a real update in the next few days.

What is your favorite color? Pink, duh

What is your favorite time of day? early evening

What is your favorite telivision show? my name is earl

What state do you live in? California

What is your favorite movie? Showgirls, that movie cracks my ass up

What is your favorite book? Are you there god, its me margaret

What is your favorite food? blueberries

What is your favorite sport and/or team? sex

Where would you love to take a vacation at? grand cayman

What is your favorite piece of clothing? my salsa dress

What is your dream car? BMW

Who do you admire? My friend Carla

What's your favorite sex fantasy? Me, you, and an audience.

What is the kinkiest thing you have done? Blow job in a moving vehicle and Threesome.

What wont you do sexually? jI dont think there is anything.

Favorite Cereal? Corn Flakes

Favorite Candy Bar? Snickers

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

Favorite Fast Food? Taco Bell Baby
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09 September 2004 @ 03:17 am
The club has been so busy and we lost a lot of girls recently, well lets just say that stays between them and their lawyers right now, so I have been kicking ass and working my ass of. I worked for four weeks straight, no day of and made me some mad cash. I didnt forget about you guys. Im actually taking two weeks off, we have some featured dancers coming in from vegas this week so I could have some time to me. Its been so crazy, so its really nice just to sit down and have some fun with my calls. One of my callers, who was closer to me than he thaught he was last weekend, baby, Im in LA, lol, called me at the beginning of the weekend, right after I had finished my last shift and he was getting ready to go to ca for the weekend and then called me when he got home. He said the sweetest thing to me, he said he thaught of me all weekend long. Still gives me some goosebumps. Thanks baby.

So, Im home, Im nude. Im ready to play...some more. So many guys, so little time, the first weeks almost up...so what are you waiting for, a fucking invitaion? Get the fuck on the phone and lets enjoy my vacation together.
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03 August 2004 @ 01:22 am
22 July 2004 @ 01:29 am

Most of you guys that know me, know that I love clothes. I have two walk in closets and even have to store boxes of shoes in odd places like under the sink, in the trunk of my car. I just need more space. Im eventually going to have to sell this house and get a bigger one with a guest room designated to my clothes.

Anyways, I have so much clothes I alway thaught it would be fun to have a "guy" friend over to dress them up. Any takers?

My sweet little torment slut got to play with all my neices. We used baseball bats, and cleats to torture him. Then he was rewarded by fucking my sweet ass.

I fucking left my purse at the guys house who raped me last week, so he hunted me down and raped my pretty face and all my wet holes again with his huge rod. Silly me, now hes going to come over all the time and make this little white bitch his own.
14 July 2004 @ 02:48 pm

With the club and all you guys calling more often, Im so going to wear out. LOL

My sweety pain slut called me three times, back to back to back. We play with my lil neices, Ive trained them to pretty much assassinate his cock and balls with thier pretty lil feet, hands, and teeth. I forced him to wear chasity belts and cock cages and denied him for weeks before letting him take his revenge on my lil nieces by fucking thier tight lil bodies.I also got to play with Kira, damn she has a SWEEEEET body. Ill fuck that little hooker anyday. I got to lick that twat till she came all over my face, I swear I can still taste her. After that I got to be a dirty, nasty cocksucker. I got down on my knees and described in detail how I would suck his fucking balls dry. It worked, when I was done, he had no cum left in him. Then I got the shit fucked out of my titties by another caller, he was draggin his balls against me as his cock slid between my nice big tittes, then he shot his load all over my pretty face. Then I got a nasty fuck who stuck his dick up my sweet ass then made me suck my ass right off his cock, did I complain? Fuck no, I loved every minute of it. Then I had one hell of a fuck where I got all three of my fucking holes pounded hard. He started with my mouth, then rammed the shit out of my cunt, then stuffed it up my ass before spraying it all over my face and watching it drip all over my tits. Dont worry, I ate every last bit of that creamy cum. Then I got to be a naughty little ten year old for daddy, he fucked my bald cunt and made me hurt so bad. I loved it daddy.

ok, so now im all updated. Ill talk to you guys soon.
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28 June 2004 @ 04:37 pm

I have had the best weekend ever, I swear. I rocked out at the club and pulled some serious cash, got a wonderful gift from one of my club regulars, gc to go shopping at fredericks. Im getting all new clothes tonight!!! Then you wonderful johns have fucked my ass off throughout the weekend.

My weekend started off with a bang when I got to fuck amy and another guy, Im really digging these two girl calls. Its wonderful cause amy and I got into a rythym and the guy blew so hard he called back and left us a tip. I got a nasty call right after that where the caller wanted me to talk really dirty to him, and we all know how dirty I can get, so I got fucking nasty. I had a wonderful slut call me who was totally into forced femme, so I turned his nasty ass into a stripper and made him do all the dirty work for me, I dressed him up in a gstring and lingeree and forced him to do lap dances and suck dick. Boy, did she like it. Then I got to help this nasty mother fucker rape my lil sister, I sat on her face while he slammed her bald fucking pussy. After that was the sweetest call ever, I got made love to, he told me over and over that he loved me and then he shot his seed inside me to put a baby in my belly. Im still in awe over that one. Then I had a hot call where I sucked a guy so hard, his dick twitched. I sucked and slurped on my dildo and he came so hard just listening to me suck. Then I did a suck and fuck with a guy this morning, who tried to be very naughty,you know what I mean brian, and called the dispatcher after, tsk tsk, now you know why I didnt hang up first.

I feel so used this weekend, so fucked, so fucking wonderful.

22 June 2004 @ 05:31 pm

Think I want you to go to my site? Hell Yeah, its all revamped. Total new website, tons better than the last one.

I had a nice guy call me and make sweet love. He was so gently, so loving, made me feel special. Which is so nice.

Then I had a guy just come and fuck my brains out like the dirty whore I am.
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17 June 2004 @ 11:59 am

Anyone Got A Sweet Tooth???

Lets See...I got a nice slow fuck the other day. He practically made me want to crawl through the phone and fuck ride him HARD. I also got to be a very dirty secretary, who pleased her boss sooo much.
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14 June 2004 @ 10:36 am

Got my sweet ass fucked today and horribly dommed a little dick guy...I had no warning you were coming...didnt prepare, so I sucked. Next time I will rock your cock.
30 January 2004 @ 12:06 pm

I have the most excellent news. I have no joined the rest of the girls with owning thier own websites. My new (temporary) website is http://www.pamelaspinkparts.com. Right now its not as fancy as some of these other girls cause I had friends do it. They did a good job, dont get me wrong, but I want something a lil more flashy like me eventually.

Work is going great. Im in love with one of my regulars. Hes tall, dark, and 98. He wants to be my sugar daddy, but Im afraid I will kill him. Really, he doesnt look 76 and I swear when Im on top of him, hes always got a ragin hard on. I still dont believe hes 76.

Ive had some awesome calls. I think I got hypnotized but Im not sure, and then I got what all girls dream of, I got made love too...thank you sweety.

Well thats about it from here, go check out my page and tell me what you think.

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